Submit Your Doorlist

HAPPY BIRTHDAY From the downtown family

When you send in a Birthday door list with us you will receive:

5 friends = $50 drink card
10 friends = $100 drink card
20 friends = $150 drink card *Valid for all Saturdays, excluding NYE or any special events.
You may bring more than 20 friends with a limit of $150 drink card.


Q: I left someone off my list, how do I add someone?

A: Just get in contact with us via our Facebook page and we will be able to make the adjustments for you

Q: How do I know my doorlist has been received?

A: Doorlists automatically go into our system, so you don’t have to worry!

Q: What’s the maximum we can put on a doorlist?

A: We have no maximum or minimum for groups, they can be as large or small as you please.

Q: When do your doorlists close?

A: Our doorlists close at 5PM on the night so get in quick!

Q: Where can I find my photos?

A: Click on this link to visit our Facebook page